Money and IFS Special Open CollectionSpecial Open Collection

What is a Special Open Collection in PARTS & SELF?

The introduction to PARTS & SELF magazine of a new feature of themed Special Open Collections is an exciting development. Internal Family Systems as a therapeutic model has a variety of themed areas that deserve deepened and broader understanding.

We are collecting together pieces for you about such themes, to expand, strengthen, explore our current knowledge.

We start with a Special Open Collection on IFS and Money. To follow will come, we intend, collections on Art and IFS, Education and IFS, Writing and IFS, Addiction and IFS, Sport and IFS, among others.

A Special Open Collection (SOC) is just that: open. We publish a series of articles that form the initial nucleus, to which our readers are invited to suggest additional articles emerging from their own knowledge base.

Please get in touch with Helen via

to suggest a piece that falls within a collection theme, or even, to suggest an entire new SOC. We hope you enjoy reading within these collections as they emerge and as they continue to grow over the months and years with a variety of new additions form members of the IFS community and beyond.

We look forward to hearing from you as a potential PARTS & SELF writer and thinker!

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