A beautiful black spider appeared on the white linen curtain of my bathroom window, bringing about an identity crisis.

“Let’s leave it there,” said the Artist. “It’s stunning!”

“Do I kill it?” fretted the Manager. “I don’t want hundreds of spider babies crawling around the house, webs and all.”

“It doesn’t deserve to die,” said the Buddhist.

“What kind of person would I be if I killed it?” said Shame.

Buddhist won out.

Artist felt sad, and shed some tears.

Shame was relieved.

Manager accepted that the problem would be solved, with a caution that we needed to stop these creatures from entering in the first place.

I gently swept spider into my hand in a clasp, and released her out the window.

“Aahh,” we all sighed with relief, as we leaned out and watched her crawl on, to live another day.

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