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Letters to the Editor Winter-Spring 2023

Dear Editor

I’m loving Parts & Self – what a wonderful idea to help get the word out about IFS, and encourage engagement from the community. I have a comment about the website layout. Could you post any new pieces directly, in the first instance, on the front page, so we don’t miss new content and don’t have to hunt around, behind the front page, to see new articles?
Cordially yours,
Terry Baranski

Dear Terry

Thank you for your encouraging comments about PARTS & SELF. It is indeed all about community engagement: both within the extant IFS community of therapists and clients and for newcomers discovering IFS. Regarding your comment re the front page and new items. Point gratefully taken! I will ensure all new items are loaded first into view via the front page. Our first release had more pieces than the front page could carry and it didn’t occur to me to do some swapping around. I certainly will from now on. That way people can have easier access to all the variety of outputs we are carrying, rather than have to make the effort to dig. Nevertheless, a wander around the site would be, one hopes, always worth the journey. Thank you for your feedback!

Best wishes, 

Dear Editor

Hello there! I’m delighted to learn about this new journal, and I’d love an easy way to stay current with articles. I’d like to suggest starting an email list so subscribers can learn about new articles, or an RSS feed we can follow in our news-reading apps, or both.

Many thanks,
Ash Chudgar

Dear Ash

We do have an RSS feed at the bottom of the home page on the site. We are looking into ways to connect this up, prompted by your comment. I will update this letter anon as soon as we have understood what might be the best way forward. Thank you for your contribution to making PARTS & SELF the best it can be. Much appreciated!

Best wishes, 

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  1. Here is a (perhaps too) detailed article about how RSS feeds work and how to set one up on your device: https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-an-rss-feed-4684568
    Basically, you need to subscribe to an RSS reader and then plug in the magazine RSS URL.

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