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IFS Musical: Parts of Me

Parts of Me is a musical memoir mirroring Lauren Dooley Sprague’s childhood and experiences in becoming unburdened from past trauma, through Internal Family Systems Therapy. It debuted in March 2023. Here is a link to the video recording

During the performance there is reference to some traumatic themes including eating disorders, mental illness and child abuse.

The musical was jointly written by Lauren Dooley Sprague, who wrote the text and Amy Gilvary, who wrote the music.
In Parts of Me, our heroine’s odyssey takes her deep into her own mind, where she must reunite the fractured Parts of herself to win safe passage home.

Listen here to the musical’s songs:

A little information about the artwork from Lauren:
The many hands represent my Parts. They are placed in the places where I feel them in my body (1) my critic – 3rd eye chakra, that of wisdom (2) my manager anxiety – my throat chakra and making it challenging for me to communicate (3) my firefighter at my solar plexus and (4) my exile deep in my heart.
The hands holding the shoe represent Self – and the red shoe is a symbol in the piece — it is symbolic of a traumatic event but also something that I was able to reclaim.
The doors, stairways and ladders are reminiscent of the game Chutes and Ladders from my childhood and then also the not so linear path I have taken to get to know my Parts.

The spiral represents the starting point for the odyssey and is supposed to be reminiscent of the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road.

You will find full details about the musical here.

In order to support more widespread awareness of this crucial discipline of mental health treatment, Lauren, Amy and their fellow musicians and contributors plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from the production to the IFS Foundation.

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  1. This is fascinating. Hope to hear more.

    1. Hi there – you can read an excerpt from the piece and also find a link to order tix on my website. Thank you for your support!

      I am also hoping we will be able to live stream the piece – so stay tuned for more info on that <3

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