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Explaining Deep End of the Pool and Swim Sessions

The PARTS & SELF online magazine has a vital role to play in building the IFS community, by expanding the global reach of IFS. It is important that we grow and invite new members into our communal space. However, it is also essential that we serve our current community.

Introducing The Deep End of the Pool – a virtual community space / meeting place (with offline activation and continuation) dedicated to senior IFS therapists, practitioners, researchers, and independent scholars with a significant track record in IFS issues and thinking.

In The Deep End of the Pool, those who have track record in nominated areas will be able to present their interests and hopefully, thereby, identify peers. This, with a view to communicating on a topic of shared interest and further advancing the IFS model, within that specialist area.

The Deep End of the Pool is for those who are already competent “swimmers” (aka experts of some kind).

Feel free to start a “Swim Session” in a topic of your choosing, and see who, with specialist knowledge and curiosity, desires to connect with you and others. The specific manner of presenting a swim session is up to those presenting. There is no set format and can range form highly academic to informal. What matters is the quality and depth of discussion possible to pursue with the session. Sessions start with an initial presentation online but, at present, continue offline via connection privately arranged.

Topics for swim sessions can be created by applying to the Editor through the Contact Form. Connecting with Swim Session presenters is done via the session leaders’ website contact details. Contact is not possible via PARTS & SELF.

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