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LET us help you publish your ideas!

Open to submissions.

For all enquiries and suggestions email Helen:


We encourage all contributors.

Anyone who is not Caucasian is strongly encouraged to contact Helen with their ideas and suggestions, or other contributions to PARTS & SELF.


Features and Opinions

Various ideas for features and in all kinds of formats are welcome. Any IFS somehow-related topic considered.

Opinion pieces, however controversial, will be considered. Do not hesitate to have a conversation with Helen about possibilities. She is interested in the unusual.

We have an advanced community area called Deep End of the Pool. This is a space dedicated to those with extensive experience of IFS to raise community calls and present theories and practices.

Art forms and IFS

Are you an artist of some kind who would like to share work connected to IFS ideas with others? Music, visual art, poetry, jewellery, crafts, etc. All media and art work considered.

 Book reviewing

Why not volunteer to write a book review? We are currently looking for reviewers for:

  • A book connected to couples and IFS and money
  • IFS and the Middle East
  • IFS and trauma

Letters to the Editor

Do you have an issue to raise before the IFS community? Do you have comments about IFS to make? Do you have a point to raise about something that has been featured in PARTS & SELF? Just get in touch! Write a letter about it to the Editor of PARTS & SELF?

News to Share

Do you have IFS related news to share that is non commercial in nature? Email the Editor to discuss the creation of a piece of writing about this.

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