Call to contribute stories of IFS transformation

PARTS & SELF invites anyone interested to share with others their story of using IFS to change their life, to submit such stories to Helen – – for consideration and possible publication in the magazine online.

Anonymity is no problem if desired. We publish both longer stories of up to 1000 words, as well as shorter “IFS change moment” pieces of up to 500 words.

Your story does not have to be a rosy, shiny, golden or flowery tale of total transformation. We are looking for real stories of how IFS has impacted your life. Given our work here in PARTS & SELF assumes IFS has actual potential to benefit people, we are looking for testimonies that outline what changed for the better. However, including what didn’t change, or didn’t work out (yet?), is a rich part of anyone’s narrative, should they wish to include it. We encourage you to tell it in a rounded way, highlighting, of course, the transformative aspects, as you see them.

We look forward to reading your experiences. Thank you for being willing to share them with others. Hearing how IFS worked for you could inspire others, yet to attempt such inner work, to give it a go. Stories of IFS impact are of interest to all engaged with IFS in some way.


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