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Call for IFS research papers

As IFS grows in popularity and organizations begin to see the importance of integrating IFS therapy and approaches into their programs, demonstrating evidence of the effectiveness of IFS is more imperative than ever. Clinicians have, for years, been seeing success with IFS in many different applications and for the treatment of many different conditions. However, leaders of institutions must make decisions based on data the safeguard the well-being of their patients. In the absence of ample evidence suggesting that treatments are efficacious and safe in different circumstances, it can understandably feel risky to introduce something new, especially in clinical settings with high-risk populations. The burden of proof lies on the IFS community.

Institutional efforts are being made to support the types of clinical trials that will provide this critical evidence needed. The purpose of which is to increase the reach of IFS to as many people as can benefit from the positive outcomes of IFS. Examples of this are the Foundation for Self Leadership’s current efforts to support the randomized clinical trial being conducted at Cambridge Health Alliance (see PARTS & SELF piece on this research) and the Foundation’s previous funding of the successful pilot study of IFS for PTSD treatment conducted in the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute.

Independent research studies also contribute greatly to the evidence base, as do clinical case studies published in peer-reviewed journals. All journal articles, as well as dissertations, theses and book chapters, etc. are indexed in the searchable IFS publications database (see PARTS & SELF post re this). Readers who know of a publication missing from the database are encouraged to contact with that information.

Support is available through the Foundation to clinicians and academics willing to dedicate their time and resources towards publishing IFS research. The Foundation serves as a hub of IFS research resources, including access to measures, articles, methodology consultation, and connections to clinicians and academics who are willing to contribute to IFS research projects. 

Clinicians who are willing to contribute by sharing case studies of interesting concepts or clients can reach out to to be connected to our community of researchers for support.

Those who have conducted independent research, program evaluations, dissertations or theses are highly encouraged to submit their work for publication in a peer review journal to maximize the impact of the work. 

However, sometimes completed research doesn’t necessarily meet the rigorous standards of peer review journals because of sample size, institutional approvals, or other reasons. PARTS & SELF is creating a platform for researchers to showcase and share their work with the IFS community and beyond. Authors are invited to submit such journal-style manuscripts to for review and consideration of publication in the PARTS & SELF research area.

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