PARTS & SELF is an online, open access magazine, published by the Foundation for Self Leadership.

We work on the basis of ongoing, online, web-based releases of new material, without particular date of release. We launched in Autumn, 2022: www.PARTSandSELF.org.

The magazine follows on from OUTLOOK, which was a PDF format issue based magazine, edited by Michelle Glass, between 2015-2021.

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A Shift in Paradigm

We see IFS as a way designed to effectively handle the problem of changing what is stuck, not working and destructive to personal and interpersonal well-being. We acknowledge each person to have an inner system that can be helped towards a calm and lasting success at living. We consider IFS – with its focus on the ideas of Parts and Self – to be a positive way towards an answer to the key question “Am I well?” Instead of a fake reply for the sake of social pleasantry the answer becomes a true, authentic and meaningful “Yes I am well!”

We like that.

We consider that IFS as a model designed to help, applied in the lives of individuals, can impact society for the better. One transformation at a time. One meeting with Self at a time, things can change. We are committed to equality of access to these ideas, beyond financial means and privileged cultural supports.

With PARTS & SELF we try to work out what, why, when, how, with whom and for what purpose? The aim of the magazine is to share news relevant to Parts and Self, IFS, the IFS community, and developments relating to the Foundation – but also to go beyond this, as we explain below. We offer a mixture of interactions, from word-based articles, to video, audio, music and art.

We do not believe that Parts and Self belong to the IFS model but they are captured in the model’s presentation in a useful and handy way. This configuration of who we are – being made up of Parts and a higher Self, who leads and assists those Parts to live well – is, we consider, a natural state of being human.

We write Parts with a capital P because we value Parts a lot and consider the road to Self (with it’s royal capital) is through Parts and with Parts.

Our core focus is Self leadership, as idea. We want people to encounter – eventually and through engagement with the work we offer in PARTS & SELF – the idea of being led by their inner calm, curious, creative, courageous, clear-headed, connected, confident and compassionate Self.

You can consult the emerging body of scientific research regarding various aspects of Self leadership here: https://www.FoundationIFS.org/research

Our Team

Editor: Philip Armour

Deputy Editor: Shaun Dempsey, PhD

Publisher: Toufic Hakim, PhD, Executive Director, Foundation for Self Leadership


Foundation for Self Leadership

Barbara Perkins, MA, Senior Associate Director-Development & Communications

Julia Wartenberg, PhD, Sponsored Space Manager

Josh Lisojo, MS, Web Support

Site Development

Graphic design: Erin Feodore Smith

Web developer: Facade Interactive

Our Publisher

The Foundation for Self Leadership provides guidance and resources to ensure the magazine’s success in furthering the Foundation’s mission. The Foundation also works closely with the IFS Institute, the global center for IFS training and certification, and Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, founder of Internal Family Systems.


We actively seek submissions, suggestions and involvement in PARTS & SELF. Please contact the Editor using the Contact Form.

Note: PARTS & SELF does not endorse, nor subscribe to, the views of those we publish. Rather we encourage free thought, without judgement.

From 2022, the English version used in the magazine may differ, depending on who wrote the piece, and with which version of English they write. We may include, or link to, versions of writing in PARTS & SELF translated into the mother tongue of the author, or a language relevant to the focus of the piece.

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